The Journey Began from Char Gargori in 1994
Organizational History

Twenty years back, OSACA started with the dream of bringing meaningful social and cultural changes in the working area. The dream is still there. However, the nature of today’s OSACA as an organization has been determined by various factors and realities. Thus, after two decades, it is time for OSACA management to look back and review where they wanted to go and where they are, and where they can go from here onward.

Officially, OSACA was established in 1994 and it received registration from NGO Affairs Bureau (NGOAB) in 1995. It started with a tree plantation program with support from a Swiss Organization in Ishwardi.
The first working area was Char Gargori, which was one of the remotest and hard-to-reach areas of the district with high incidence of poverty. No NGO at that time even thought of working in that area. The poor people of the area had no access to capital and the borrowing options involved very high interest rates. Safe sanitation was almost non-existent. The law-and-order situation was very poor as well. OSACA was the first NGO to come forward to help the poor people of the area.

However, the first fund that OSACA received was not for poverty reduction. But it gave the organization an opportunity to develop good interactions with the local people. The first fund of only 18,500 taka came from Community Development Library (CDL) in 1995. The organization established a library in the area which became the centre for interactions of local people.

OSACA immediately started savings credit activities collecting hundred thousand taka from and individual. It started working with 600 members in four villages of three Unions of Ishwardi. Five hundred thousand taka was borrowed from an individual on interest to run the program. OSACA, devoted to emancipate the teeming millions and toiling masses from the curse of social deprivation, has been making its all out efforts for developing the miserable plight of the humanity.