Looking Forward
Building on Successes
OSACA over its journey of two decades achieved notable successes in various aspects of community development. It is important that the organization builds on these successes and moves forward to achieving even bigger successes. The officials of OSACA consider plenty of opportunities for growth. The following are some of those based on discussion with selected staff members.

 OSACA has become a sizable NGO in Pabna District. But the organization can become a real big NGO not only for Pabna District but across the country.

 Based on the experience of successful schooling, OSACA has a great opportunity to expand and establish many more schools with the ultimate aim of having one school in each of the villages within the working area. However, caution should be taken so that the school only complements the government program schooling for all.

 OSACA dreams of building an education village that will provide livelihood education to people. Just like it plans to have one doctor at each of its branches, it dreams of having an agriculturist at each of the branches.

 As an organization, OSACA is positioned very well to shift from being a ‘micro-credit plus’ organization to a NGO doing comprehensive programs including micro-credit. The organization has all the experiences, manpower and skills for that. But without having a strategic plan to guide that shift, this can remain a dream.

 One of the best investment of the assets that OSACA has created over the years is to build a training institute. The management is working to realize this dream of the organization.

Moving Forward
For stepping to the next level as an NGO, OSACA should consider the following:

 Conduct a participatory strategic planning to define its short, medium and long terms goals and strategies.

 Standardize operation of all programs instead of micro-finance program only. It is important to have standard policies, procedures and manuals that will apply to all programs of the organization.

 Increasing women’s participation is the first step to the management of the organization.

Financial Review
General observations and recommendation on Revolving credit support for the poor – A project of OSACA

OSACA is maintaining Accounting record in both manually and computerized system. And also it is (monthly and yearly statements) prepared as per prescribed format from PKSF. The financial statements were prepared by using MS word program which should prepare MS Excel program to minimize calculating errors. The monthly statement was checked regularly by the Director.

OSACA is preparing yearly Audit of MFP funded by PKSF, but they have another education project which is being audited separately. It is recommended to do the audit of all projects and one consolidated report showing total strength of the organization.

 OSACA Management provides monthly/quarterly/yearly internal and external training for the Program and Accounts personnel, which will develop their skills and efficiency.

‘Store’ is very important section. After purchasing all assets including stationeries the responsible person enters in stock book then out from the store as per proper signed requisition from the authority. Physical verification is taken quarterly and also yearly.

During audit of external auditor the auditor should visit field i.e. visiting samities, take interview of some beneficiaries and make comments including specific point not overall comments. If there is a monitoring cell and their monthly/quarterly reports then the Auditor can cross check the reports, so there should be a monitoring cell to follow up the loan procedure and also can guide the supervisors and field organizers.