Boutubani Pathashala (Prev.Osaca Children Garden)

Under its education program, Osaca has been running this school in a remote corner of Pabna district. The area where Osaca Children Garden is located did not have any schools before. The students of the area, the majority of whom are from socio economically unstable families, had to travel as long as 15 km to access education. With the establishment of Osaca Children Garden School, those students are now receiving life oriented and modern education at a very nominal cost near their home. The school is located in a scenic environment. At present the school imparts education to the students studying in the primary level i.e. from class one to class five. The students numbering 500 are not only taught but also given the opportunity to excel in extracurricular activities. Osaca Children Garden School follows Bangladesh’s national curriculum. It also abides by the rules and regulations formulated by the Government of Bangladesh. A total of 12 teachers with a fantastic academic record and a positive mentality to serve are working as the teachers of this school. Osaca has facilitated their in service training which took place in many state of the art training facilities across the country.lot of scholarships are available for the needy students.

Started From: 2004

Current Status: On Going

Current Student: 385

Location: Chargargari, Ishwardi, Pabna.

Partner in Development: Department Of Primary Education.


*To impart education to the students of the Underprivileged families.

*To take education to the doorstep of the poor.

*To encourage women empowerment through education.

*To raise consciousness about the negative effects of child marriage and dowry.

*To help people develop a broad outlook towards life.

*To instill the values of democracy and tolerance into the students through education.

*To build an educated nation in order to facilitate Bangladesh’s effort to become a middle income country.

PSC Result (Last Two Years)

   Year Total Examinees Successful Students Percentage of Passing Number of  A  Grade Holders Number of A+  Grade Holders
2015 32 32 100% 30 02
2016 36 36 100% 27 07

Publication and Library:


The word publication means the act of publishing, and also refers to any printed copies. Osaca’s Publication is all about making awareness raising posters, booklets and magazines available to the general public. Osaca publishes posters and booklets on equal opportunity, health, sanitation, human rights, women empowerment, child abuse and child labor on a regular basis with a view to adding momentum to social mobilization. Osaca’s library is a collection of sources of information and similar resources open to its beneficiaries and the community where it operates. The library provides physical and digital access to various sources of information. The Osaca led library has a good collection of books, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts, films, maps, documents, CDs, cassettes and other formats.


Started From: 1996

Current Status: On going

Number of Books: 5000



*To organize materials to facilitate their use.

*To promote through the facility the continued self development of the public in the direction of cultural, creative, educational and recreational purposes.

*To provide significant books and other printed or recorded materials.

*To meet changing expectations.

*To recognize the different needs of our beneficiaries.

*To make our services easy to access, intuitive and coherent.

*To improve the speed and quality of the resource discovery process.

*To assess and improve our skills continuously.



Keramot Ali Biswas High School:


From 2016 osaca established a high school named Keramot Ali Biswas High School in Vobanipur of Pabna Sadar Upazila.