Enrich Program

PKSF has been playing a major role over the past 20 years since its inception in expanding microfinance. The expansion work on microfinance by PKSF has been done both in the vertical and horizontal manner via a number of diversified programs and interventions. In spite of all these, the impact of micro credit on overall poverty level is being questioned more and more in recent times. In addition to that, the efficacy of micro credit as a tool of poverty alleviation has been of questionable significance both nationally and internationally. In view of the growing criticisms with regard to the efficacy of micro credit, the PKSF Governing Body in its meeting dated 28 February, 2010 agreed on piloting a special program named “‘ENRICH” at the grassroots level focused on total household development. The program aims to provide integrated support to each poor family to ensure the best possible utilization of their existing resources along with their capacities and also to enhance their recourses as appropriate. Credit is just one of the many components of ‘Enrich’ program unlike other PKSF led programs.

Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their poverty (ENRICH) program looks forward to ending poverty by working with the poor household in the selected union in association with the local government and other stakeholders to help households lift themselves out of poverty. The overall goal of the program is to reduce poverty on a sustainable basis towards its total elimination at the household and eventually throughout Bangladesh.

Started from: July, 2014

Current Status: On going

Coverage: Sahapur Union, Ishwardi, Pabna.

Number of Villages: 14

Number of Households: 11635

Number of Population: 49465

Units:  03


The objectives of the ENRICH program have been set in view of a holistic approach towards every household. They are as follows:

*To empower the households under the program area to work effectively so that they can reduce their poverty on a sustainable basis towards its ultimate elimination gradually.

*To enable them so that they can enjoy an improved health and nutritional status in the process.

*To help and create a mechanism for them to partner with relevant institutions and larger communities for effective preparedness for responding to natural disasters.

The Activities of Enrich programs are given below:

* Issuing Health Cards

* Arranging Satellite Clinic

* Arranging Static Clinic

* Arranging General Health Camp

* Arranging Eye-Camp

* Arranging seminar of health awareness

* Directing Education Center

* Beggar rehabilitation

* Developing Enrich Houses

* Ensuring the facilities of Agriculture and Income Generating related Activities

* Sanitary Latrine Distribution

* Re-building /Repairing Mosques, Temple and Clubs.

Achievement till now

Serial No  Description of Activity Unit/Number Achievement in June’17 Achievement (2016-2017) Total (Cumulative)
01 Sale of Health Cards 03 28 3824 5551
02 Static Clinics 03 44 600 1564
03 No. of Patients Treated in Static Clinics 03 454 5870 9274
04 Satellite Clinics 03 10 143 329
05 No. of Patients Treated in Satellite Clinics 03 242 4238 8754
06 General Health Camps 03 00 04 11
07 No. of Patients Treated in General Health Camp 03 00 626 1574
08 Special Eye Camp 01 00 01 03
09 No. of Patients Treated in Special Eye Camp 01 00 153 702
10 Health Awareness  Raising Meetings 03 85 1088 4547
11 No. of patients tested for diabetes. 03 43 773 2116
12 No. of villages having the Enrich School 22 22
13 No.  of schools in operation 22 22
14 Number of Students 22 660 660
15 Students’ Average presence per month 100 % 93%
16 No. of Meetings attended by Guardians. 22 22