Vision of the organization is “Empowered every person leading to a quality life with equal rights of men and women”



To make a hunger free, poverty free society through providing justice and in where everyone will be able to live in peace and harmony, free from starvation, exploitation and oppression and to enjoy the rightful share of resources belongs to the society and to ensure spiritual needs of the community.



Objectives and Aims:

  • To build self-dependency within the poor, indigenous, landless and resource less communities of the society.

  • To arrange the different kinds of development programs like poultry breeding, vegetable gardening, small and binding business, primary health care, tree plantation and also environmental development related programs.

  • To publish books, journals, posters, magazines etc. and maintain the library.

  • To undertake education programs for removing of illiteracy. Such as Much Education Centre, Coaching Centre, KG School establishment.
  • To establish Medical Center for giving free medical service of unprivileged people of the area.

  • To establish family planning Center and take other activities relating to this purpose to resist population growth.
  • To arrange sports and entertainment related programs.

  • To take necessary steps for poverty alleviation.

  • To celebrate national and religious days.

  • To mobilize and strengthen Campaigning against drugs use, culture of dowry and many other social odds.
  • To take important programs for welfare of ultra poor people.

  • To meet the challenge of disasters by reducing disaster risks through undertaking different programs.